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Driving is a very important and dangerous at the same time, it’s a bitter reality that getting a license in some countries is close to impossible for example: Dubai. Another fact related to this is, it should be difficult enough so that not every one (without skilled or semi-skilled) can get the reliable b-double licence. Keeping in view this need; in west they have bifurcated the licenses according to the vehicle type. There are light rigid (LR) license, Medium rigid (MR) License and Heavy rigid (HR) License and according to the categorizations the fee structures, skills and duration of validity varies. Although the base of getting any of the mentioned before is car license (one needs to have a basic car license in order to get qualified to achieve the other milestones). For LR license one need to have 1 year of a car license, for MR 1 year of car and LR license are required and for the HR 2 years of car license plus 1 year of LR/MR license are required. 

We will limit our discussion to MR and HR only. The most common question among driver is, “what is included in MR category of a vehicle?” so any vehicle with two axels which means one steer and one drive could be included under MR category for instance, buses, specific kind of trucks, light weight freight trucks and any vehicle included under the category of LR. Some technical vehicles such as: movers, mini cranes (not over 7t GVM with maximum of 2 axles are also included under the drivers capacity who holds an MR license. Usually for the immigrants in west countries (like: Australia, Canada and USA) there are very slim chances of white collar jobs (especially during initial period of stay), so driving is a decent option to earn for cost of living. Most of the immigrants try to grab the international car licenses first and then hop on to the LR and MR licenses, because this gives them a suitable opportunity to get the job of a local freight delivery driver, movers, car carriers and buses & coaches drivers.

There is a tricky suitable option to qualify directly for the HR category from LR category i.e. if one is eligible for the MR license and still holding the car license for few long than, an individual can apply directly for the HR category to open a wide range of job opportunity. Practically, to get any type of license requires combination of knowledge, skills and techniques. One has to pass several practical and written tests conducted by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), even for the upgrade of a license type. However, for the upgrade if one already has an LR license there is no need of a written test anyways (only the practical driving test would be conducted for qualification).despite of the facts described above an MR license may not be able to allow the truck driving lessons of certain types of buses (for some specific types of buses permission of TMR is required).